About me

Exploring ephemeral and mortality by using expressive realism.

His artworks are a view into an unknown, abstract portraits with realistic fragments incorporated. Giving a form to some uncertainty and individual personifications to things that might worry us.

Using expressive realism as a basis, his work is a continuous exercise of experimentation through realism and the anatomical drawing rules. Through deformation, concealment and the use of expressive strokes, Filip attempts to let the essence of the unknown and the mysterious emanate from his portraits. He uses a wide variety of materials to achieve more complex and texture-rich compositions. During his working process, he lets himself be carried away by what the painting suggests him at every moment, reflecting on the canvas his impulses and intuitions. Despite the fact that all his works can be conceptually grouped around the same themes, each of his pieces stands by its own, creating new individual meanings. During his research and production new areas of interest arise and lead him to the next work.

Artistic background
My artistic background

Born in the mid-90s in the Czech Republic, Filip Gyurkovský started his artistic journey at a very early age. After graduating at an art-related high school in Prague, he obtained a Bachelor in Fine Arts at the University of Ostrava. In 2017 he moved to Barcelona and started working in his personal artistic career, focusing on the exploration of ephemeral and mortality.

What I do
Whether you’re looking for a traditional portrait painting or an abstract piece, I will bring your vision to life

In my works, I am currently working mainly with portrait as the topic. For the creation mostly I use acrylics as they are quickly drying and can be easily used as impasto. However, sometimes I create a painting fully in oils or in some cases, a little bit of experimenting with different mediums is preferred.

Still using the rules of figurative drawing as basis but with more suggestive aproach.

Sculptures created with metal wire.

Graphite, charcoal or painting. With these mediums I can create your comission. Get in touch with so that we can work on your vision!


2019 Webhelp´s got talent, Hotel Miramar (Barcelona, España)
2021 SYMPHONIA – contest, The Holy Art gallery (London, Reino Unido)
2021 Art talent Fair, APS MOHO (Fiera di Padova, Padova. Italia)
2021 Selected works, Balcony (Barcelona, España)
2022 ARTBOX.PROJECT World 2.0, URBANSIDE Gallery Switzerland (Zurich, Suiza)
2022 MEAM Hall, Museo Europeo de Arte Moderno (Barcelona, España)
2022 Art talent Fair, APS MOHO (Fiera di Padova, Padova. Italia)
2023 Collective exhibition, Artnumber23 (Barcelona, España)
2023 MEAM Hall, Museo Europeo de Arte Moderno (Barcelona, España)
2023 La Esencia de lo Desconocido, El Corralito (Terrassa, España)


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