The essence of the Unknown

The essence of the Unknown

Abstract portraits with realistic fragments


My name is Filip and I create abstract portraits paintings merged with realistic fragments.

My artistic journey began at a very early age. After finishing a Bachelor in Fine Arts at the University of Ostrava I moved to Barcelona and started working on my personal artistic career, focusing on the exploration of ephemeral and mortality.
My style
My painting style is expressive with combination of realistic fragments to create emotionally evocative pieces...
Fragments and texture

Fragments in my artworks represent a realistic bit incorporated into the painting. In most of the cases it is represented as an eye, but it might be manifested as a nose or anything else that will work as a focal point in the tangle of abstract strokes of paint. By adding these fragments, the artwork gets somehow personalised as it is an easily recognizable element from daily life, serving as an anchor to the viewer‘s eye. As a result they are creating an undefined personification. Texture is an important aspect in my paintings as it gives an additional form to them. It transforms a normally plain painting into next dimension, creating interesting patterns and easily readable flow. They enrich and highlight certain place where they are being used.

My work
What I do
Whether you’re looking for a traditional portrait painting or an abstract piece, I will bring your vision to life

In my works, I am currently working mainly with portrait as the topic. For the creation mostly I use acrylics as they are quickly drying and can be easily used as impasto. However, sometimes I create a painting fully in oils or in some cases, a little bit of experimenting with different mediums is preferred.

Still using the rules of figurative drawing as basis but with more suggestive aproach.

Sculptures created with metal wire.

Graphite, charcoal or painting. With these mediums I can create your comission. Get in touch with so that we can work on your vision!


Contact me to discuss your painting needs.

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